Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Summer Camp

What ages are the campers?

Campers range in age from age 4 to 15

When does camp begin/end?

Our first day of camp runs for the entire summer June – August see calendar for exact dates

What kind of activities do you have at camp?

That question could take pages to answer. But to try to answer quickly, we play almost every sport you can imagine,except maybe ice hockey and rugby. Other activities include arts and crafts, theater, swimming. We also have special events like our big party bash, the carnival, magicians and clowns come to visit. We have Olympics week, a talent show, a pep rally, special tie-dye days and awards ceremony at the end of camp. We go on weekly field trips as well. Check out our calendar for specifics.

What is a typical day like?

Campers arrive around 10AM. Attendance is taken, campers put their packs away and lunch orders are placed. By 10:20 activities begin. All camper groups get placed into various activities whether it be sports, arts and crafts, theatre, or swimming. At 11:30, everyone breaks for snack (provided by camp). Activities resume until lunch at 12:45. Campers eat the lunch they brought or bought in our air-conditioned indoor facility, relax for a few minutes and then they are off to more activities at 1:15PM. We break for another snack around 2:30PM, and then continue to play and have fun until 4PM when pick-up begins.

Do you have an “after-hours” camp for working parents?

Yes. We have a “pre” and “post” camp program for anyone who needs to drop their child off early or pick up late. Pre-camp begins at 8AM and post-camp ends at 6:00 PM.

Can my child focus on one sport?

Unfortunately it is not possible for your child to focus on one sport only. Our camp curriculum is set up to provide a well-rounded experience where campers participate in many different sports and activities each day.

What kind of facilities do you have?

The facilities we have or have access to include a 75,000 sq. ft. indoor, air-conditioned sports area, artificial turf fields, tennis courts, volleyball court and tropical pool.

Is there a dress code?

The only thing we ask is that your child wear his or her camp shirt every day, (You receive one for this purpose and can buy extras if necessary). Also please have your children wear sneakers only, no sandals or flip-flops.

What does my child need to bring every day?

Your child should bring a towel, sun block, bathing suit, change of clothes, water bottle, hat, and sweatshirt. All belongings should go in a pack and everything should be labeled. Things not to bring to camp include anything valuable (like jewelry, expensive watches, pokeman cards) electronics and cell phones– anything you or your child would be unhappy about if lost.

How do your sessions run?

Actually, we do not have sessions. Our camp is very flexible and you can pick and choose whatever you want for a summer schedule. Your child may attend camp from one day up to five days per week. You may skip weeks. You personalize your schedule to fit your work and vacation plans. Our only requirement is a ten day minimum for the entire summer. Above and beyond that, you may do what ever you like.

Do you have half days?

Of course! 10am-1pm or 1-4pm.

My husband doesn’t know his vacation schedule yet but I want to take advantage of the earlybird rates. Can I sign up without knowing our exact vacation plans?

Yes you can. And if you find out later that you signed up for a week you need to take off, you may change your schedule for a minimal change fee. There is leeway for those that didn’t have a schedule yet or those who signed up with the early bird rates.

Can I change my schedule or am I locked in once I sign up?

You may change or add-on as much as you like based upon availability. Change fees will apply after certain dates.

What is the difference between a schedule “change” and an “add-on?”

A “change” in schedule maintains or decreases the number of days you attend camp. An “add-on” increases or adds on to the number of days you sign up for camp. Add-ons can be done all summer subject to availability. No refunds for missed days.

What choices does my child have at lunchtime?

Campers can bring or buy lunch. If your child brings lunch, please send it in a “coolpak” type of lunch bag complete with drink. Campers who buy have a choice of five menu items on certain days (including hamburger, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, grilled cheese, turkey sandwich, pizza).

What are the ages of your counselors?

Our counselors range in age from 18-25. Our junior counselors are 16 or 17. Group supervisors are older.

What are the counselors’ qualifications?

All of our counselors go through a series of interviews, undergo rigorous training prior to camps start, and all staff are background checked. Mostly, our staff consists of teachers, college students going for education degrees, and high school students who are planning to become education majors in college. All of our staff love children and spending special time with them.

Do you have a medical person on staff?

Yes. We have on premises at all times an RN, LPN, or EMT who care for campers. The medical staff person is aware of all campers’ allergies and/or illnesses, and hold all necessary medications. The medical personnel will contact parents should any injury or illness occur.

What if my child is sick – Do I get a make-up for the day he/she missed?

Unfortunately this is not possible. When you sign up for camp on any day, you reserve a space in a group on that day. Your tuition fee helps pay for all the activities that go on. So in order to add a day to your schedule, it is necessary to pay for another day.

Does my child need to get a physical before he/she can come to camp?

Yes, but if your child received a physical after August 31st of the previous year, this is acceptable.

What will the age range be for my child’s group?

Usually two grades go together. On some occasions there may be a three grade range.

How many children are in a group?

Typical group sizes are 15-20.

How many counselors per group?

We have two to three counselors per group.

When does registration begin for next summer?

The “earlybird” registration usually begins in early December. You can check back with this website periodically for updates on this schedule. Always call for information as office hours are sometimes limited.

When does registration end?

It ends on the last day of camp. Parents sign up all summer long and into the last week. But we recommend signing up as early as possible to insure that you get all the days you want.

How can I register? Can I register on line?

Registration is at the camp office located at Lifetime Athletic Club 1499 Yamato Road, Boca Raton, FL 33431 unless otherwise indicated. You can come down in person to register during set registration times or you can register over the phone or online. Please call 561-939-1393 for registration details.

When are deposits and balances due?

Depending on when you sign up, different percent deposits are due on initial registration. All balances are due by June 1st.

Should I be concerned about available space for my child?

As time goes on, more and more space gets taken up and less and less remains available. We highly recommend signing up as early as possible.